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    Actions not working right on being selected again

    Dhwani C

      Hi guys,


      I am facing an issue with actions in my workbook. If you look at the dashboard you'll see I have a sales funnel (Each of which works as a filter). There are four categories:

      1. Marketing Qualified: All the leads in the data

      2. Sales Accepted: The leads where Status = Accepted or Statues = Qualified

      3. Sales Qualified: The leads where Status = Qualified

      4. Wins: The leads where Status = Qualified and Opportunity Status = Won


      Since each lead can fall under more than 1 of the above categories, I can't have a straightforward single calculation for it.


      The issue with the filters is that if I filter out a lower funnel, I'm unable to go and filter any of the funnels above unless I use the reset button to reset all values. (Marketing Qualified works as a reset as well so there's no issue with that)


      For example: I can easily filter Sales Accepted and then Sales Qualified and Wins.

      But I cannot filter Wins and go back up to filter Sales Qualified or Sales Accepted. (Unless I reset them)


      I can't seem to figure this out and I've been going over this for weeks now. Would love any help on this







      PS. Attached workbook is in Tableau 10.2