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    Extract 101

    Kemal Gürler



      Although I read couple of articles regarding Tableau Extract, I am still having difficulties to get it done. Let me explain you how I do it at the moment and you tell me where I am wrong.


      1- I am using an Excel file as data source (Let's call it Sales.xlsx). I connect it to Tableau.

      2- In very Data Source page, I select Extract in Connection tab.

      3- Naturally, when I click Sheet 1, Tableau asks me at where I want to create Extract.  (Sales.tde)

      4- After Extracted file has created, I close the workbook and create new one by using newly created extract file as data source. (Sales.tde)


      This is where trouble begin. When I update Sales.xlsx, in the workbook that is using Sales.tde, I follow Data > Extract > Refresh, nothing changes.


      I understand that Sales.tde is in fact a static, compressed file yet If I skip step #4 and continue working with Excel file after I select Extract, it keeps working with Excel file which slows performance.


      Thank you in advance.

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          Chris McClellan

          Hmmm ... if you skip Step 4 you should have a TDE but it knows that the real source is the XLS.  That way you have the benefits of the TDE and you can update from the XLS and get new data.


          I think you're missing a simple step.  If you create a new workbook and attach to the XLS you will this icon:


          Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 6.18.40 pm.png


          but after you create the extract the icon changes to this :


          Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 6.19.46 pm.png


          see the "double cylinder" icon ?  that means that you're using an extract.


          So I wouldn't be doing Step 4, check that you've got a "double cylinder" icon and go from there

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            Hi Community, As for the extract creation, can we assume that Tableau can create 'Extract' from all the available data sources that it connects to?

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              Chris McClellan

              Definitely, but please start a new thread to ask a new question