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    (hopefully) Simple JS question

    Allan Marcus



      I'me testing the JS API. I can get tableau public to load, but not a viz on my server.


      I changed a few items below to anonymize the script, but it's the essentially the same as I'm using. If I change the "var url" line to point to a tableau public viz, the viz displays. If I point to a viz on my server, nothing happens. I was under the impression the user should be asked to authenticate, then the viz is displayed. What am I doing wrong?







      <!DOCTYPE html>



          <title>Basic Embed</title>

          <script type="text/javascript"


          <script type="text/javascript">

              function initViz() {

                  var placeholderDiv = document.getElementById("tableauViz");

                  var url = "http://myserver.com/#/views/myWorkbook/ChartByOrg";

                  var options = {

                     hideTabs: true,

                     width: "800px",

                     height: "700px",

                     onFirstInteractive: function() {

                       // The viz is now ready and can be safely used.



                  var viz = new tableau.Viz(placeholderDiv, url, options);   





      <body onload="initViz();">

          <div id="tableauViz" ></div>