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    Filtering for Top ten and Grand Totals

    Elizabeth E


      I am wanting to show a list of top providers based on amount they have been paid. I want the list to be the top 10, and I want to show the total that provider was paid, as well as what % of the total that provider received. The problem is when I filter using the Top tab by 'Paid' field, The grand total line is then reduced to only the total of those top 10 providers, not everyone. The same goes for the % of total (which is a table calculation of total paid by provider).


      Ex: Provider ABC total paid = $50, which is 30% of the total of all providers, but when limited to only show top 10 providers, his % goes up to 50%.


      Does anyone know how to make Tableau show the grand total of all providers while only displaying the individual totals and %'s for those who are in the top 10?


      Thanks for any insight!