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    Dual Combination Chart - How to add 4th Measure?

    Teresa Wright

      I cannot share data due to security restrictions.  My issue is I can add a 3rd measure (Line) to a dual combination chart, but when I try to add an additional line, tableau limits me to a stacked bar instead.


      Screenshot 1:  Adding 3rd measure to Bar chart creates another shelf on Marks card, which I can change to a line.

      screen shot 3.jpg

      When I try to add a 4th measure (goal is go add a line that overlays the 2016 bars) Tableau is not allowing me and is instead adding it as a bar.

      screen shot 2.jpg

      What I want is a measure displayed as a line that overlays 2016.  Is there a way to achieve this?


      screen shot 4.jpg