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    unable to login to tableau server installed on my friends computer

    amrish kumar

      Hello all,


      i have tableau desktop professional edition 10.3.2 licensed version installed on my computer. i also have tableau server 10.3.2 installed on my friends windows 10 computer.


      i am able to connect to tableau server (installed on my friends computer) using my tableau desktop (installed on my computer) and publish. i use the login of my administrator.


      But the problem is when i try to login (from tableau desktop) using some other active directory user name (i have added this USER to tableau server )  then i get the error: "Invalid username or password".


      there is a LAN connection between both the computers.


      when i click on "Sign in using your Windows Credentials" and signin then i get error:

      "Tableau Server could not authenticate you automatically.


      Sign in using your Tableau Server credentials."


      please help me on this log in issue..


      Note: Tableau server is a trial version and tableau desktop is licensed version