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    Integrate Tableau dashboard with Java web application without requesting authentication again and again

    Girish Khole

      We are using Tableau Desktop 10.3 with Tableau server 10.3. We have published all tableau dashboards to Server on site named AFS. We want to integrate this Dashboard from AFS site to our Java Web Application hosted on Web server (Apache Tomcat). We wrote Java Script code to generate ticket from Tableau server, we able to generate ticket from the web application, but whenever we hit our Tableau Server URL, it asks for User name and password to login.


      My question is how to manage user logins and sessions associated with particular user. Also I want to ask that if I create some user on Tableau server URL and grant access as publisher to particular site is that sufficient from web application to access the Tableau server dashboard.


      Please suggest solution….


      Note: I do not want web application users to be asked for credentials every time tableau server URL hits