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    Flag inter-quarter duplicates with atleast one item relating to a particular timeframe

    Gowri Shanmugam

      Hi all,



      The objective is to flag items on ‘Field A (Amount)’ which are repetitive between 2 quarters (FY’18 Q1 and FY'17 Q4) in 'Field B (Quarter)’ . Now my relevant timeframe is FY’18 Q1. That means I need to flag any item that is repeating, however on condition that atleast one of the items pertain to FY’18 Q1.



      In other words, I need to exclude any duplicates which DOES NOT pertain to FY’18 Q1.



      What happens now is when I pull in duplicates, it shows me the following duplicates Q1 vs Q1 (ii) Q1 vs Q4 and (iii) Q4 vs Q4 - However, I need only and (ii) since atleast one of these items pertain to FY’18 Q1. I need to remove (iii) Q4 vs Q4 from my view as this is not relevant to FY’18 Q1. However when I try filtering to remove Q4, consequently all data relating to Q4 gets removed so I am not able to find inter-quarter duplicates.



      Can anyone please help to resolve this? I have attached an excel sheet of sample transactions to give an idea of what needs to be flagged and not.



      Thanks a lot for your help!