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    Graph - Stacked Bars

    Joanna Zitny


      I'm trying to build one graph reflecting combined codes (employee hours and service hours) from two different data sources. Ideally, the two graphs shown below should be presented on one graph.


      Any idea how to quickly get there? At this point, I work with multiple connection with inner join by employee ID. I face a difficulty combining the employee hours with service hours.


      - Thank you.

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          Shinichiro Murakami

          Hi Joanna


          I'm not sure I understood your request correctly, but if you simply want combine colors.



          Pick Pay Code and Pay Code (Service) at the same time with control, then put them into color shelf.

          You can swap the order of two field with just drag and drop.

          In this case though, the number of color is too many and I'm not sure this is what you want or nor.





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            Zhouyi Zhang

            Hi, Joanna


            I think the inner join key ID is not enough to identify the pay code for service hours mapping to pay code.


            below screenshot confused me a bit, e.g. Pay code as holiday, it maps to all the Pay code for service hours which I don't think it makes sense.



            If you could adding mapping each of the pay code for service hours to corresponding pay code, and adding the key along id, then drag both pay code and pay code service hours into color, you should get what you expected.



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              Joanna Zitny



              Thank you for your reply.

              What you are showing is exactly the problem I have. The dimensions: Pay Code from Employee Hours and Pay Code from Service Hours have to be combined without creating hierarchy and /or category/sub-category...


              The goal is to end up with a graph as presented below (all categories on one graph with sum of hours for each). - To accomplish that, I had to modify the data in Excel:(

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                Joanna Zitny

                Hello Shin,


                Thank you for your reply.

                Yes, I want to show a separate color for each code, but I also want to show the correct total of hours for each category.


                I've created a Combined Field, added a Calculated Field for the hours, but I don't think it gives me the correct math now


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                  Shinichiro Murakami



                  Still not sure I understand the goal correctly anyways..

                  Yes, what you need is modify excel data.

                  As long as header is aligned, you can use "Union".

                  Save excel file in same folder and use wild card union.