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    Dynamic Filter for Multiple Sources w/out Common Field?

    Christi Kurihara

      Hello Tableau World!


      I am looking for a solution to a filtering dilemma that I have.  I have a workbook with 16 data sources (absurd, I know, but what I need).  I am building an operations dashboard that shows me several facets of the business all in one place, that I will would like to be able to filter by sector.  Unfortunately, not all of the data sources share a similar field to allow me to filter using a basic Parameter/ T-F Filter.  I do have an excel worksheet that I created which acts as a look up table to match all of the various identifying fields (department name, department number, sector, etc) but I can't figure out how to make each of my datasources look at it in order to return a single "Sector Name" field that I can use as a dynamic filter.  Sadly the data all comes from different contributors so I do not have the ability to modify the data before it gets into my tableau workbook.  If you are familiar with excel, I am essentially trying to perform an Index/Match function.  I thought a case statement would work, but given the potential for a large array of possible department numbers or department names, or any other field I could have used, this didn't seem efficient.  Given the nature of the data, I can't share it, but will try to show what I am looking for in the tables below:


      Table  A
      NameHR Dept ID
      Doe, Jane10004
      Smith, John10007
      Tiny, Tim10002
      Baker, Sophie10003
      Jones, Jill10004


      Table  B
      UIDDept Name
      Jane.DoeEAST A
      John.SmithEAST HX
      Tim.TinyEAST B
      Sophie.BakerEAST A
      Jill.JonesEAST C


      Look  Up Table
      SectorHR DeptHR Dept ID
      Territory 1EAST F10002
      Territory 2EAST A10003
      Territory 2EAST C10004
      Territory 3EAST H10005
      Territory 3EAST HX10006
      Territory 4EAST B10007



      And the result would be that by filtering my dashboard to only show "Territory 2", I would get the following results:


      NameHR Dept ID
      Baker, Sophie10003




      UIDHR Dept
      Jane.DoeEAST A
      Sophie.BakerEAST A
      Jill.JonesEAST C