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    How to join two maps with one data set having generated longitude and latitude?

    Judy Tran



      I have two maps which I need to combine. One map has the points where train/bus stations are located in NSW with longitude and latitude in the source data recorded.


      The other map only has postcodes and suburb names and I used the latitude (generated) and longitude (generated) measures already available in Tableau to created a filled map showing how many people live at each postcode.


      How do I combine these two?


      I have looked up joining two sets of longitude and latitude which requires me to UNION the data sets but I don't have longitude or latitude points for the postcode data. I also have no idea how to do this UNION function (I am extremely basic in using Tableau unfortunately).


      Can someone show me how to join these two data sets together onto one map?


      This is the data set - Tableau Public