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    Filter Action vs Calculated Measures

    Bryony Smith

      I have a source file that shows what orders were successfully completed (Marked "C"), Not completed (Marked "N") or still open (No completion code). From this, for each geographic area, i want to have table showing how many are open, not done, or are completed, what the simple completed percentage is, and what the forecast completed percentage is if 90% of those open get successfully done.

      I can produce a table (Called "Table using sum" in attached file) showing this but then i can't workout how to see if the details of those included (E.g. if showing 10 not done i want to know what the 10 are). Or i can created a table  (Called "Table using Bin" in the attached file) where i can deep dive to find the 10 but i can't show the percentage complete or percentage forecast complete.


      How can i show both the table with all the details, and see what records produce that figure? I'm using Tableau 10.1.1 and am quite a new user.


      Many Thanks.

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          Hi Bryony,


          As per my understanding, Just follow this approach:

          1) Create three individual fields for Completed and Non-completed and Still open.(i guess these are coming from one field.

          Eg: IF [orders]= completed then 'Completed' end

          2) Now by using these fields you can build LOD expressions to get particular measure: later you can convert into percentage or build in CF itself.

          3) Based on your Requirement you may create navigation.


          Hope this helpful or else ignore.




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            Zhouyi Zhang

            Hi, Bryony


            To achieve your requirement you need reshape your data by union to itself


            and then we can create calculation for all the measures being used in your sample




            And Put it to dashboard and below are the sample result.


            I attached the workbook with 10.3.


            Hope this could help