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    Take Min Value per Week Number


      Hello all,


      See Excel worksheet attached.

      In letter S, for every single day, we color in red (NO) or green (YES) depending whether or not an event happened.

      Then, we show results for each week (top right of Excel): if there is at least a red event during a week, then week becomes red. if there are only green events during a week, we show week as green.


      Now I want to do this in Tableau:

      I managed to represent letter S and event, so circles in S letter become either red (NO) or green (YES) for each day.

      I also created another worksheet, that shows cases as week numbers (like in Excel top right).

      But now, I'm wondering which calculation to use for computing events (green or red) for each week number:

      IF [Events] = all "yes" THEN weeknumber = Green

      ELSEIF [Events] = at least 1 "no" THEN weeknumber = Red


      Might be using WINDOW_MIN, WINDOW_COUNT or LOD { FIXED: } ??


      Thank you in advance,