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    Help for RANK in LOD

    Neal Langan



      Noob and first time poster here.  These are weighted survey data I have simplified to include responses for only one question (Value), with dimensions for Facility and Region (only 1 region per facility).  I created a parameter for facility which is set on "PHX" for Phoenix which is in region "WXR" Western Region.  (There are multiple facilities per region, only 1 region per facility).


      I would like to have the user select a facility, like maybe with the [Facility Parameter] and then a text box in my dashboard say, "The facility you selected ranks 5 out of 7 in the region (for the weighted average of the survey response)."  Sheet1 shows that there are 7 facilities in WXR and that PHX is ranked 5th.  The problem is how do I get the information for "PHX" from this Sheet1 into a text box?  I have tried various ways of getting Sheet1 to just display results for "PHX".  If I add Facility Filter to the sheet the rank changes to 1 because all other facilities have been filtered out.  I tried using a LOD calculation, which worked great for counting the number of facilities in the region but it won't perform a RANK operation.  I get an error message saying I can't perform table calculations in a LOD window.  I would really appreciate some help with this.