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    datasource id and connection id issue, API 2.4

    Aaron Zhang

      Hi There,


      I'm trying to link the datasource with workbook using SOAP API 2.4.

      The 2 API I'm using is:

      Query Workbook connection, which returns the workbook and connection relationship.


      Query Datasource connection, which returns the datasource and connection relationship.


      But what wield is that even I know that a connection in a datasource is used by a certain workbook, but the 'connection's id'(GUID) in the workwork and datasource are totally difference.


      But how can I link the workbook and datasource if their connection id is different?





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          Glen Robinson

          Hi Aaron

          I have tried the same with API 2.7 and get the following results. (I dont know if  you get the same results with 2.4, as I cant test on this version)


          Using Query Workbook Connections, I get the following XML response (which is showing the Published Data Source details




              <connection id="c8789f0c-8ddd-442f-a9b6-fe3d6346cb6d"





                 <datasource id="cf5d91df-6ec1-4027-ae68-6e30f22f2a1d" name="World Indicators" />





          Hope this helps


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            Aaron Zhang

            Hi Glen,


            Thanks a lot for the testing.

            I'm using the same API in 2.4 and able to get the source information for the workbook as following:

            (Using 'Query Workbook Connections')


            Meanwhile I'm using the API of 'Query Datasource' and try to match them with previous result. But what wield is neither the id or the name can be matched....