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    Problem connecting to data source on tableau public

    peter medler

      Having a terrible issue which is making me think I've gotta rebuild 3 different workbooks.  Yes I had backups but the issue affects the backups too.  This is bad, hopefully somebody smart out there can tell me where I'm going wrong.  The issue is that SUDDENLY one day, my 3 most used workbooks have a problem connecting to their data source.  One day everything was fine, the next day, major issue that I've never seen before.  Here's how it goes down.. Open workbook from File > Open From Tableau Public, Login, choose workbook, open.  When I go to Data > Datasource > refresh I get the following:

      Then I click Yes to edit connection and I see that there seems to be an issue here, and I do not see my Excel tabs or named ranges in the left section:

      That's pretty much it.  I can replace the data source but still see no Excel tabs or named ranges on the left.  This suddenly affected the 3 main workbooks I use rendering them all completely useless.  As I said, there were backups that also get the same errors.  One thing that I noticed was that right before I first noticed the issue, I was having a problem running macros in Excel, they were acting strangely so I closed and restarted Excel and when it opened, it said it had recovered a file which I paid no attention to and dismissed the message to recover the file.  Upon reflection I thought MAYBE the file it recovered was something to do with maybe the old "normal.xls" file - that's what they used to call it, I think its like the registry version or something.  Anyway, I'm not sure if that's relevant.  I've considered restoring my machine to see if it might fix a possible Excel Registry file..?


      On another note, I've restarted everything and uninstalled and downloaded and reinstalled the latest version 10.3 which I was using before.  I also tried repairing Tableau and I've waited several days to see if it would fix itself, obviously it has not.  Thanks if you hung with me through my rambling, please help.