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    % Different month over month with dynamic symbols in Tooltip

    Jesse Narang

      Hi Everyone,


      I was wondering if there was a way to include % difference with dynamic symbols in tooltips. I created a sample viz that looks like below:



      I have included the % penetration in the tooltips:


      Below is what I want my tooltip to look like:


      For example, if you hover over May 2017 for NYC1 and knowing that April 2017 was at 30% penetration and May 2017 was at 70% penetration then the tooltip should look like:


      Team Name: NYC1

      Month of Date: MAY 2017

      New Spender: 7

      Penetration: 70.0%

      % Difference from Last Month: ▲40%


      Basically, I want the tooltip to display % penetration difference from the previous month and a dynamic symbol in front of the % difference. If the penetration increased from previous month then symbol should like ▲ and if it decreased then it should like


      I have attached the workbook also.