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    Loading all the dimension values with a single click

    Andrew Morgan

      Hi Tableau Community,


      I am facing a problem and seeking some help from such talented community. I have a dashboard created using some other tool and I want to transform it into Tableau. In this dashboard, I've options to select multiple dimensions and measures.



      In the above image, DMA dimension is selected which loads all the members.


      If I select state as well it shows DMA and State members.


      When I am trying to create this in Tableau, I am not getting the desired functionality. I always get all the members and then I have to filter member by member.


      Moreover, if I deselect All in any of these filters, it gives the blank view.


      Is there a way to achieve the required functionality in Tableau. It would be great, if anyone could elaborate with sample-superstore.


      Appreciate your help.