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    Publishing twbx with Live connection Via REST API does not work

    narendra kommoju



      I am able to publish my workbook with extract refresh(Without schedule) using Python and REST. But while trying to publish same workbook with live connection, I am getting an error

      Traceback (most recent call last):

        File "publish_workbook.py", line 352, in <module>

          main(workbook[0], workbook[1], workbook[2], workbook[3], workbook[4], workbook[5])

        File "publish_workbook.py", line 318, in main

          _check_status(server_response, 201)

        File "publish_workbook.py", line 118, in _check_status

          raise ApiCallError(error_message)

      __main__.ApiCallError: 400011: Bad Request - There was a problem publishing the file 'Sample Workbook_2_Live.twbx'


      I followed the method mentioned in below link



      Please help me, if any thing I need to add to URL or XML body for publishing workbooks with live connections and with scheduled extract refresh.