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    How to find Live Connections using InitialSQL through Tableau Repository?

    Abhishek Jain



      We would like to build Admin dashboards which can give us a few insights about the dashboards being published on the Tableau server. A few questions related to same are listed below. Any help / direction is highly appreciated!


      Question 1:

      We have multiple Dashboards which are based on a Live connection to SQL Server Database and also make use of InitialSQL to pass the username of logged in user.

      I am trying to find out if there is a table (or a query) which can help me identify which of the Live connections are using an InitialSQL. Would greatly help if I can also get the code used within InitialSQL.

      From an Admin standpoint it is not possible to open each dashboard and check this information manually. So was thinking if this can be automated?


      Question 2:

      Along with this, is there a way to (or a table or a query) which can give me the SQL being used in the Dashboard? We need this information to find out if any dashboard has a query which can affect the performance in a big way (e.g: Cartesian join, Full Table Scans, Select * from queries etc.)


      Question 3:

      We want to limit the number of records which can be downloaded from a dashboard to like 65K or the likes. Is there a way to limit this? Currently, I think, if we download the underlying data everything that builds up the dashboard is exported.

      Are there any other Governance that we can apply on the server side to stop users from exploiting server resources in a big way.


      Questions 4:

      Can you please guide me to some documentation / links which gives details about upgrade strategy?