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    Tableau forecasting with R

    shwetha sarma


      My date starts from Jan 1, 2015 and I’m trying to use the example from https://boraberan.wordpress.com/2014/01/19/using-r-forecasting-packages-from-tableau/.

      I need to forecast month on month trend for rest of this year. But,I would still like to keep the parameter “periods to Forecast”.

      Here is my code:

      n<-length(u);u[n]=.arg1[l];jjearnts <- ts(u, delta = 1/,frequency = 30,start=c(2017,90));
      fcast <- forecast(jjearnts, h=.arg2[1]);
      append(u,fcast$mean, after = n)",SUM([Sales]),[PeriodsToForecast])

      I'm unable to get my result. I also created the shift table as mentioned in the workbook. I'm new to R language and need help.