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    Brittany Thorrington

      I am analyzing my company's spend data. I am trying to see how many different suppliers we used to buy a certain item (using the MFG Part #). I was able to find the number of suppliers that we used for each MFG Part # and created sub graphs to give me more detail.


      Now I am looking to analyze one supplier specifically and see how they compare to others. Is there a way for me to only show MFG Part #s that include one specific supplier, while also still showing the rest of the supplier's results with that same MFG Part #? When I select the supplier on the shown color label, it only highlights that specific supplier, which then causes me to have to scroll through an entire list of MFG Part #s. I only want it to show MFG Part #s that include the specific supplier. When I create a filter, it only shows that supplier and not the rest of the supplier's with that same MFG Part #.


      I may need to create a new sheet/dashboard, but any thoughts and advice is much appreciated. I am new to Tableau.


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          Shinichiro Murakami

          Hi Brittany,

          I think it's little bit difficult to explain on non-real data, but I will try.


          I tool Sub-category as MFG parts # in you case.

          And "State" as Supplier.

          Using version 10.1



          Self-Join the data with "Sub category", in your case, MFG Part ID.




          Then ,



          On Dashboard,


          Let me know if you need further clarifications.




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            Rahul Singh

            Hi Brittany ,
            Create a calculated field for the count of MFG Part #
            Count([MFG Part #])
            Drag the variable MFG Part # to Rows and the Calculated field to rows.

            Add Supplier's to color

            Right click on the measures in the Column and select Percentage of Total. Compute this measure along Suppliers.


            You will not get a stacked bar chart showing what percentage of supplier have bought a particular item.


            Hope I was able to get what you meant. I used the following sample data


            Rahul Singh