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    URL Actions - Tooltip hyperlink to a link included as a data field/parameter

    Rebecca Lieberman

      Hi all --


      I am making a map of properties in NYC. I have a field in my data called "Link" that is URL where the reader can learn more information about the property. Each URL is unique and cannot be generalized like the wikipedia example in the tableau URL actions tutorial (ie. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/<Address>). Instead, I would like to simply put the Link field into the URL section or the URL Actions menu. In the URL box, I write <Link> and when I test the link, it works. However, no URL action is created in the tool tip. In the URL actions menu, I receive the error message "Missing fields on multiple worksheets." What does this mean? How do I solve this problem? Is it possible to hyperlink to a dimension value?

      Thank you!!