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    Tableau Server Autostart Not Working

    Jonathan Schmiel

      Hey All,


      We've found when we restart our server, Tableau does not automatically start.  This means we have to manually start Tableau Server each time we reboot.  I've verified that the config file has service.init.state set to start. 

      I've recently gone through the config steps:

      -tabadmin stop

      -tabadmin autostart on

      -tabadmin configure

      -tabadmin start

      I then verified with tabadmin autostart that it is set to start.  After that, I restart the server and it still doesn't autostart.


      Our development server on the other hand autostarts when the server restarts without issue.


      I've done lots of Googling but have had no luck.  Has anyone had a similar issue and have any ideas of what to try next?