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    Tableau License Versions

    Vedant Chaturvedi

      Hi All,


      I have been asked about the difference between various Tableau License versions and their pros/cons.


      Which Tableau License version should be used - SAT , CAT , PRF , PRD ?


      I only knew about Tableau desktop and server licenses till now. Any help on this would be appreciated.




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          Abhilash Sharma

          Hi Vedant,


          Where exactly did you get to know about SAT, CAT, PRF and PRD?


          These are definitely not related to Tableau Server as that has a completely different model.


          Tableau Server can be licensed under two models: a term license and a perpetual license. Term licenses, also referred to as subscription licenses, allow you to use and update Tableau Server for a specified period of time. Perpetual licenses do not expire, so you can continue to use Tableau Serveras long as you want. However, to get access to product updates and technical support you must purchase Support and Maintenance services.


          Do let me know if you are able to find which Tableau product are you talking about?(my guess is this might be related to Tableau Reader)



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            Vedant Chaturvedi

            Hi Abhilash,


            Thanks for the response. A colleague had reached out to inquire, don't know his source though.


            - Vedant

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