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    Permissions Audit for Workbooks with Project Inheritance




      I have dove into a number of helpful resources on how to extract permissions from the Tableau postgres server. 9.2 introduced the concept of locking permissions for objects within a project to the permissions set at the project level. I am able to pull permissions for all objects except those with controlled_permissions_enabled = true.


      For example, Project: Sales has permissions set for Group1 with write access. Sales Project has three workbooks in it with multiple views. All permissions are inherited.

      I want to layer Group 1 > Sales Project > Workbook 1 > View 1 : show permissions for all capabilities.


      At the moment I am unsure of how to do this. I've seen a few examples, including the one by David Mannering which unions together all the possible group/user to object permissions. The project level permissions only show READ and WRITE capabilities but not download, export, filter, etc. What is the best way to cascade down the actual inherited permissions down to the view level? I would have just layered on those permissions but I cannot find the exact combination that propagates them forward.