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    Why would system_users.friendly_name be null?

    Jason McCann

      Hi there, I have a Workbook View Performance Audit Workbook that allows me to plot actions by users on specific workbooks that have been published to our site.  This is a custom admin view that looks to the PostGRES db, joining HTTP_REQUESTS to SYSTEM_USERS on HTTP_REQUESTS.USER_ID and SYSTEM_USERS.ID


      I'm looking to SYSTEM_USERS.FRIENDLY_NAME for the friendly name of users that are interacting with a workbook.  Lately, I've noticed a lot of those values have been Null...how is this possible?  It is my assumption that since users must login to Tableau, a username or friendly name should populate each time they perform an action.


      The majority of these records are associated with and HTTP_REQUESTS.USER_ID of 0.  First thought was maybe this is some sort of guest account, but that has been disabled.