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    Discrete Measure Values as axis values




      I've ran into the following issue with one of my workbooks.


      I have data on thousands of orders in a data source which is connected to my workbook. Some orders consist of multiple line items.


      After calculating the discount % on each order, I wanted to assign each order to a discount bin (0-10%, 11-20%, etc.) and create a visualization to show the discount distribution. The problem is that when adding the discount bin measure in the columns shelf and distinct count of order #s to the rows shelf, Tableau is displaying only the 61-70% bin and grouping all records in there. I was able to get around this issue by using a fixed LOD calculation to calculate the discount % and bins as dimensions, but I also have about two dozen quick filters in the view and as a result my discount calculations were inaccurate since the fixed LOD calculation is applied before the quick filters. It feels like I am missing something rather simple, so any ideas or feedback to get around this issue is appreciated.






      Discount Buckets (not working).JPGDiscount Buckets Incorrect (working).JPG