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    How extract being created when more than one connections in a datasource

    Ganesh Rao

      Hi Team,


      I am using Tableau Version: 10.1


      I have a query, want to understand how extract (.tde) being created when two connections are present and joined them using inner join.

      Two tables are coming from two different connections and Joined(Inner Join) them to create datasource. In this  case please let us know whether the extract be created before Join or after join.


      Use Case:

      In our case we have to apply data level restrictions on extracted data.

      we have one data table(ex Report_Table) and one Permission table(i.e Permission which has list of users). If Tableau creates extract after joining the two tables then the extract will be too large as the data repeats for each user due to Cartesian join ( ex Report_Table Records 10,000 and Permissions table has 100 users then max extract would be 10,000*100) . This large extract problem will not occur If Tableau creates two separate .tde files and then Join them.


      So please let us know how the extract being created.