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    VIZ Resize automatically - Two dashboards with different dashboard size's

    Got cha


                  In the same tableau TWBX file, I have two dashboards with different dashboards sizes.


                  Dashboard A : Size 1000px by 500px

                  Dashboard B : Size 1000px by 900px


                  Each of the above two dashboards has a functionality to swap to the other. User can swap from dashboard A to dashboard B and vice-versa.


                  On load in a UI (embedded), the viz loads dashboard A by default and the UI sizes it to 1000px by 500px.

                  On swap action, dashboard B loads but the viz screen size remains 1000px by 500px.


                  I need the dashboard B to resize itself to 1000px by 900px. Any ideas?


                  I tried both options, Automatic and Range for the two dashboards, but to no avail.




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