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    Remove ability to download workbook for owner?

    John Hobby

      I'm sure I'm missing a 'simple' piece of the permissions around the server, somewhere.  I'm using Tableau Server 10.2.


      Issue:  I created a group and assigned it to a specific project.  This works - so far.



      Problem:  A user has a Publisher site role, so they are allowed to connect to a published extract in order to create a new workbook and save it back to that project.  However, I set the group permission to DENY the ability to download - this should deny them from downloading a book they create, right?  At least, that was my understanding.  As you can see below, the download is available on a workbook they created online.  This downloads it and opens it in Tableau Desktop - this is what I need to prevent.  Users should be able to create new books online only, not download them.



      What am I missing?