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    % Difference between the regions

    Sean Conner

      Hi Everyone,


      My requirement is to compare and calculate the percentage difference between each region on the current date according to the latest data.



      The combinations to compare are as follows:



      Central with East,South,West

      East with South & West

      and finally South with West.



      While comparing I want the percentage difference between the regions.

      I mean the percentage difference between central & east, central & south, central & west.

      Then East & South, East & west. Finally South & West.

      Now here comes a condition, which is if the difference between any combination is greater than 5% then it should be in RED, else GREEN.



      Note : I have filtered to this particular date as it was having data of all four regions. But as mentioned earlier, my date should be latest date according to the database.



      I am attaching the sample workbook for your reference.




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          Matt Lutton

          My recommendation would be to list out your requirements 1 by 1, and start with just one at a time.  Upon reading this, I get confused about what requirements come first, and why. 


          Is your question about filtering to the latest date (a relative date filter can accomplish this; or an LOD expression), or about comparing Regions?  Can you mock up some expected results, or further explain the requirements in some more detail?  Forum users definitely want to help, but sometimes it becomes difficult to understand the needs of a user with multiple requirements.  Thanks!

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            Sean Conner

            Sure Matt.


            My primary requirement is to compare the % difference between each region(1 to 1 comparison).

            So basically I want to find the difference between the regions.