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    Simple VLOOKUP and SUMIFS (Excel functions) to do in Tableau

    manh huy nguyen

      Dear Communauty,


      After reading all VLOOKUP threads in the forum.. none of them could answer my simple question.

      How to perfom a simple VLOOKUP or SUMIFS function as in Excel ?


      Please see my Excel workbook attached (TEST.xlsx)


        - Sheet Regions: List of all regions

        - Sheet Products: List of all products

        - Sheet Sales: Sales results


        - Sheet Output: What a would like to have in tableau


      This request is different from my previous post but is part of the same project I have to work on:



      Could you please try to create a .twbx file for me with this simple request?

      Thank you for your help.



      EDIT 1: I finally found out a temporary solution with jointures. See attachment (Book1.twbx).

      I am just afraid that in terms of performance, this is not the best solution as :

      - my real data set (Sales) contains thousands records)

      - i will have to add new filters (thus new sheets) that will multiply significantly all my Sales records..

      Would you have any other alternatives, please share.



      EDIT 2: Now, I'm facing another issue..

      My real project: Regions and Products are in an Excel sheet. Sales are stored in an Access table.

      When I import the Excel and Acces as data sources, there is NO WAY to create a Full Outer join between the 2 Excel sheets (between Regions and Products) !!



      Tableau Desktop 10.3.1