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    Using number of records from the entire data source

    David Rootsey

      I need to calculate the percentage coverage of some fields. i.e. if you have columns in a spreadsheet which are sometimes null, what percentage of those values are not null? Obviously this is a very simple calculation...


          number of records where specified field is not null / total number of records in data source


      ... however, I'm having trouble doing it in Tableau. So my question is, how can I use a particular measure in a calculation with the total number of records in the data source? Here's what I have so far:



      So, I realize that using SUM(Number of records) is not correct because it will only give me the count of records where the J1 field exists. How can I change it so that it counts all rows in the source, regardless of the existence of the J1 field?


      Many thanks in advance.