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    "Conditionally Aggregating by a Dimension not in the View When Using Another Table Calculation Filter" Multiple Grand Totals

    Nathanael Crow

      Hi all,


      I recently stumbled across the following article: Conditionally Aggregating by a Dimension not in the View When Using Another Table Calculation Filter | Tableau Software


      Essentially, I am able to conditionally aggregate via a calculated field that, when filtered on, hides all instances where the condition is not met. Then, through window sums, I can sum the relevant fields over the proper recurring intervals such that all entries for each instance of the primary pill in the row column have the same sum, despite having different fields in the secondary pill. Lastly, each instance of the secondary pill is assigned a unique count (which resets every instance of the primary pill), so that when that field is filtered to only allow the number 1, there will be only one instance of the correct total, and the others will be hidden.


      That being said, I am unable to use a grand total with this approach; there are multiple identical (correct) grand totals at the bottom of the table--one for each of the "subsets." While the count filter approach leaves only one instance of each unique sum, it doesn't filter the grand totals. I included a packaged workbook that follows the instructions in this article exactly and then adds a grand total at the bottom for reference.


      Is there any way to eliminate the multiple grand totals or, alternatively, compute those grand totals in another table? Really struggling with an approach, here.