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    Collibra connect to Tableau as Live

    Vignesh Karunakaran

      Hi ,


      I have a doubt on connecting Tableau to Collibra as Live data connection without any extract/Download(SQL). Is there a possibility of having live data connectivity from Collibra to Tableau. If so can any one please suggest me the way we can do it?



      Vignesh Karunakaran

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          Sina K. Heshmati

          Hi Vignesh Karunakaran, I have worked with several types of integrations between Collibra and Tableau at various organizations. It would be interesting to understand your use case so I may be able to help further:

          • Approved and Up-to-date Definition in Tableau as a Tooltip
            • This integration will help consumers of a Tableau report get a tooltip as soon as they hover over a report attribute, which shows the latest definition of that report attribute from Collibra
          • Data Sets from Collibra Catalog in Tableau
            • This integration enables report producers in Tableau to have direct access to governed data sets that are assembled in Collibra Catalog.
          • Tableau Report Catalog in Collibra
            • This integration keeps Tableau workbooks in sync with Collibra so that key reports can be identified and prioritized by the relevant stakeholders, typically a group of stakeholders broader than the team that is responsible for producing the report.
          • Data Lineage from Tableau
            • Tableau workbooks contain part of the data lineage for the data elements used in a given Tableau report. This integration reads the lineage information and brings it into Collibra so it can be stitched to the broader data lineage for a critical data element, which typically captures manual adjustments on the data, controls, data issues, LoBs, business processes, etc.
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            Anand Govindarajan

            Hi Vignesh,


            At Lucid (http://www.lucidtechsol.com/harness-the-power-of-both-platforms-data-governance-and-information-management/ ), we build integration templates to connect various BI and data integration tools to Collibra and load their metadata. We have one for Tableau as well.


            This addresses all the use cases Sina has mentioned in the response above. We are planning to release the template on a subscription model soon. Let me know more about your use case and if you need more info on the template as well.

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              Vignesh Karunakaran

              The current scenario is to use Collibra Connect for connecting Collibra to Tableau. So is there a way or any work around which will make a live connection(without any export file/extract/storage of data) from Collibra
              Connect to Tableau?

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                Anand Govindarajan


                  To load metadata into Collibra, we leverage the Tableau REST APIs for the workbooks/dashboard/worksheets etc We also connect to the Tableau repository database to get further details on the Tableau data sources. This is definitely a live connection through Collibra Connect and do not use any file export/persistence etc

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                  abhishek navneet

                  Hi Anand,


                  What Vignesh and I are trying is to access the metadata present in Collibra, from Tableau. And we need to keep this connection as live.

                  So the flow of data is from Collibra to Tableau.


                  Are you talking about this? Do you think such an outbound connection from Collibra to Tableau can be made ?

                  We are wondering if you used Tableau's Web Data Connector ? As in that case, the connection does not allow Live approach.


                  Please let us know..



                  Best Regards.