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    User filter does not work after publishing the workbook

    Ferry Kristant



      I created user filter for my workbook, add it as data source filter, publish the data source to Tableau Server, and finally published the workbook (.twb) in Tableau Server.


      The user filter works nicely in Tableau Server, but it does not work at all when I reopened it in Tableau Desktop (I downloaded the workbook then open in Desktop). I usually solved this issue by repeating the above mentioned process, but of course this becomes trouble because the workbook will be updated often.


      The funny thing is: if I created local copy of the data source and then replace the data source, then the user filter works fine!


      I am sorry that due to project confidentiality, I cannot share the workbook.


      My Desktop version is 10.3.1.


      Any help is appreciated. Thank you very much!