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    Combining Charts with Dual Axis

    Zach Ferris

      I am trying to sync this data into one chart. I have Dual axes between the average amount of calls by hour, average seconds to answer on the other (not synchronized because the vertical axes are different measures), and below there is the average amount of abandoned calls. I want to add the abandoned calls into the top table (it would use the same axis as average calls). I have tried dragging average abandoned calls over the average calls axis and it works but I cannot change the marks of the Avg Calls/Abandoned Calls separate of one another. I tried making a dual axis of abandoned vs. total calls but then I'm not sure how to add the seconds to answer into that chart. Any ideas?

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          Jim Dehner

          Hi here is one approach - first create the chart that will have the most measure by dragging the individual measures to the the appropriate axis and completing the dual axis

          you will have a "Measure Values" on rows

          Then add the pill for your lower axis to the rows shelf and it will open a lower chart - you can change the type on that chart or leave it the same





          Let me know if that helped


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            Zach Ferris

            I don't want a lower chart, I want my lower chart to combine with the top. I want to be able to look at avg calls by hour, the average wait time by hour, and the number of abandoned calls by hour.

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              Jim Dehner

              Missed that point - at this time Tableau supports 2 charts only with dual axis - they can be different types of charts (line/bar/shape) or you like you did - you and use the axis for different data types (count vs percent)

              If you can move away from the shape on the lower chart and use a line and place the shape on the measure that is on the right axis you could have something  like this