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    How to create a custom Dimension/Measure based on Date comparison

    Rajeshwari Guddeti

      Hi Everyone,


      I have below data:


      CategoryOrder Date
      Test A4-Jun-17
      Test B4-Jul-17


      This is just one set of data.. I want to create a new dimension as below:


      CategoryOrder DateNew Dimension
      Test A4-Jun-17Executed
      Test B4-Jul-17Completed


      'New Dimension' should be created based on values in 'Category' and 'Order Date'..


      IF [Category]='Test A' and [Order Date]=Min([Order Date]) then 'Executed' END


      But when I create such calculation, it gives me error saying cannot mix aggregates and non-aggregates.


      I have tried using LoD's as well but of no use.


      Can any of you please suggest solution for this..