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    Percentage difference between two dates for the same measure

    Sean Conner

      Hey Everyone,


      How do I find the percentage difference between two dates for the same measure.

      I have attached the workbook for reference.

      When you open the workbook you see a bar chart dispaying the percentages of the measure.

      The second class count of sales on Feb 26 2014 is 25% but on Feb 4th 2014 it is 33%.

      The same way standard class count of sales is 66% on Feb 4th 2014 but on Jan 26th 2014 it is 77%

      Now how do I find the difference between the percentages? I mean to ask how do I calculate 25%-33% or 66%-77%.

      In short I want to calculate the percentage difference between today's(or latest date) - the previous date acccording to the data available.

      Please Help!!!