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    Mix Hover & Select Action Filters (Tableau Desktop 10.3)

    Jennifer VonHagel

      I have a dashboard attached.


      As it is, we are seeing total calls (this is made up data, so for any time period) by hour and by zip code. (I've added the blue boxes on top to easily track exactly what is selected for easier troubleshooting of the actions).  If you hover over any hour, then the zip code heat map changes to show only calls by that hour. You can roll your mouse along the hours and see the map change. I like it like this, it feels like I am very easily browsing through the data.  Also, you can hover over any zip code and see the hourly pattern of calls for just that zip code. The actions are set so that when you leave the selection, the filter resets to Show All Values.


      What I would like to do is keep this hover functionality, but also add a Select action filter. So say I am rolling along the hours and I am really interested in 6 am. I would like to Select the 6 AM bar chart, so that the selection sticks, and I can move my mouse to the zip code chart and hover over each zip code to see its information (name of the zip area, exact number of calls).


      I have added both Hover and Select Actions, but the problem is that I can't make the Select action over-ride the Hover action. If I do Select 6 AM, when I quit hovering over it to go look at the zip code chart, then the filter clears. As it is set to - that is what the hover action is set to do.  But is there some configuration or trick that will let me pin the filter when I select it?  (Or is this really bad/confusing design anyway ).