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    Where is PostGresSQL DB?

    Seb Bec

      I have installed Tableau 9.1.  I trying to find out the version of PostgresSQL

      -Where does this postgresSQL database gets installed?

      -How do I access it?

      -Found a tool in the installation (pgAdmi3) but unclear what parameters to use to connect

      Sorry for the basic question (new to Tableau)



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          Seb Bec

          many thanks Tom,

          I looked at the administration guide but no luck. 

          I am still trying to connect via the pgAdmin III

          browsing the internet, many point to the pg_hba.conf or the
          postgresSQL.conf files but these files do not exist in my system; however,  files I found where  pg_hba.conf.sample and pg_hba.conf.template.

          I assume I can modify and save with correct location (which
          I don't know what the correct location is)

          also many sites state that default port is 5433 but this
          port is not listening for sure.  Just to
          clarify, I just installed Tableau 9.1 that is it (dashboards seems to be

          Try to findout what port are actually listening netstat -na but there
          are too many and no obious indication which is for postgresSQL

          finally, my tableau desktop does not have an entry for postgress (tableau server, Microsoft SQL, Analysis Server, OData), maby a license issue here.

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            Tom W

            Sorry, tough me for me to help 'find' something on your end.

            I'd suggest you create a case with Tableau Support for further help or search the forums to see if someone else has run into the same issue?