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    Dynamic Grouping in Tables

    Milton Ayala

      Hi There,


      I am new to the community and the tool. I am not sure where/how should I search for the answer to my question and any suggestions would be appreciated.


      I am trying to create a worksheet with a table like the one on the right (image below) from an input data as shown in the left side of the image below. The only difference between this example and my real data set is that I have thousands of rows for each combination of [Port], [Day] and [Type].

      The Idea is that the field [Days] in the right side of the image contains all items within the field [Day] that have not-null values in the Filed [Port].

      This without duplicating days. The order of each day within an item in [Days]  is not important.


      Any suggestions will be highly appreciated. Files with both tables is attached.


      Grouping Question .JPG


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