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    Can multiple drives be used on a single node environment for the TS PostGRE db?

    Toby Erkson

      Currently running Tableau Server 10.2.0 on a single server with 1.99TB hard drive under Windows Server 2008 R2.  Currently have less than 52GB free space and thus need more hard drive space -- some extracts are failing due to not enough disk space.


      I've asked for an additional 1TB of hard drive space but our virtual machine team says that 2TB is the max hard drive space they can allot.  They can add another hard drive.  Is it easy enough to add another hard drive and let Tableau Server "know" that it can use the new drive as well?


      I did open a support ticket this morning with Tableau.

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          Matt Coles

          There's a bunch of ways to deal with this, I think. But at a higher level, if it were me, I'd turn the problem back on them (nicely, but persistantly) like they're a call center. "That doesn't solve my problem. I need a single drive that performs well and is larger than 2TB. What can we do to solve that problem?". Maybe they consider something like this, or a RAID array, or an attached SAN array, or just freaking upgrade vSphere if that's what's restricting them. To me, this is the server team's problem to solve, so make them solve it rather than workaround their problems. 2TB is ludicrously small to be limited by in this day and age.

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            Toby Erkson

            Thanks Matt.  I agree it should be their task to find a solution, not me.  However, it was good in that I will be making some config. changes to reduce hard drive consumption.  I did ask IT to find a solution (it's below).


            Since the 10.3.2 upgrade I've been swamped by little fires I've had to stomp out.  For one thing, if you upgrade to this version or higher then READ THIS:  https://community.tableau.com/thread/240472. I had to turn it off for all of our Sites.  Also, VizAlerts 2.0.1 does not like 10.3.2 so it looks like I'll need to upgrade that, too.


            For my TS I'll be reducing the number of days of history we keep and perform a nightly tabadmin cleanup (w/o stopping the TS though).  For increasing hard drive space our IT team said they would use this method:



            Tableau Support offered this:

            A: + Older Virtualization platforms are limited to 2 TB for virtual hard disk size, but new ones are not. The VHDX virtual HDD for Generation 2 VM on later versions of Hyper-V support up to 64 TB. It is probably by far the most complicated, expensive and impractical option.

            A: + Next is that some Virtualization platforms allow a VM to directly access a Hard Drive attached to the system, so you might be able to attach a 4TB drive and use that for the D: drive on your VM.

            A: + You can also attach multiple 2 TB Virtual HDD and use Windows Software Raid Functions to build a larger virtual disk.

            A: + Windows supports iSCSI protocol, so you can create a larger iSCSI drive and attach it to the Windows as a drive.


            So there are other solutions of course so I'm just going to mark this as Assumed Answered.