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    How can I use an in/out set as a filter when created by an action filter?

    Natalie Keener



      I have a database of people that are split into audiences. I have an Action Filter set up to choose which audiences I would like to filter on another sheet. The Action Filter is working fine, and it has created the Action Filter Set which I can see from the Sets pane.


      My issue is that when I try to use this set to filter other sheets, all of the audiences are marked as 'IN'. Even on the sheet that my action filter is set for, I cannot get tableau to show an 'OUT' group - when all audiences are in view, they are all shown as 'IN'. While the Action Filter is to filter most of my workbook to this audience, I also need the inverse filter for one sheet. I was hoping to use the 'OUT' part of the Action Set to filter this sheet, but that is not working.


      Additionally, if it is possibly, I would like to be able to use the Action Set in a calculated field, so that my calculation applies only to the filtered audiences.


      I cannot provide a workbook as my data is sensitive.


      Thanks in advance,