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    Is flexible container available in Tableau?

    Michael Ye

      In the attachment I have made a dashboard. There are six worksheets in the dashboard. I have setup filter actions. When clearing the select in the two bubble chart, all data in the corresponding text tables will be excluded. Now I want the following effect:


      When I clear the select in the sub-category bubble chart, the sub-category text table disappears. Because I have added a float container, put both the sub-category text table and map to the container and set the map with "fixed height", the map chart will automatically goes up to take over the space of the sub-category text table. However, there is a huge blank left in the container. The size of the blank is exactly the size of the sub-category text table. The "state select bubble chart" cannot go up and fill the blank. This case also happened in the line chart. when it goes up, a blank is left in the container.


      I know that if I don't set the "fixed height" for the map and line charts, these two charts will expand to take the space for the cleared text table and its original charts. But I want to keep the map and line chart original size and don't want them to expand. Is there any way that make the container flexible so that there is no blank when one chart is cleared off?