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    When are Edit Width and Edit Height options available

    Jonathan Brough


      I have been working with Tableau off on for about 4 months now, having used QlikView for about 8 years.

      I'm drawing content together on a dashboard, and have opted for creating Tiled content over Floating content.

      I am typically putting out 4 quadrants of information on my dashboards (see below/attached). It seems that if I am to control where the middle point of these quadrants is I need to set the width and height of the whole dashboard instead of leaving responsive design to resize everything. This is because I can either use horizontal or vertical containers as the first means of breaking up the layout.

      I can't set the width of some views/containers. I have figured out that if I am putting views or containers into a larger vertical container that I normally get an Edit Height option, and if I am putting views/containers into a larger horizontal container that I get an Edit Width option. My question is why are there occasions where I get neither option ?

      On the attached/below image, I want to se the width. if I choose 'Select Layout Container' the whole of the bottom row that includes the Port-in Origin and Plan Groups views are selected. Sorry, but I can't send the workbook.




      Quadrant TC question.png