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    Tableau WDC Not Loading

    Jake Konovsky

      I have created a Tableau Web Data Connector to connect to a json api that is internal to my company. I have tested the wdc on the simulator and it works fine. After testing it I put the wdc on a page in a web application that I built that is running on a server so when you hit the endpont http://mywebapp/wdc my wdc comes up as the web page. I tested this version of my wdc in the simulator and it works fine. My issue occurs when I try to use the wdc in Tableau. I am able to pull up the wdc in the Tableau workbook, input the url, select my date parameters, and see my table columns come up in the data previewer.....but it loads endlessly. Anybody have an idea why? And I am only selecting a date range that should return a couple hundred rows. So this is not a big data set.


      Thanks for the help,