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    Blank sheets when no filters after Tableau 10.3 upgrade

    Marcus Bright

      Hi All,


      I have an issue with some of my reports, which seems to have occurred directly after we upgraded Tableau from 9.2.6 to 10.3.


      For the reports in question, when i upload them to Tableau Server some of the dashboard's sheets (not all) are appearing as blank with only the scroll bars, filters, picture objects and text box objects showing for the rest of the dashboard.


      There is no pre-fix filter's set for any of these, but if I then filter to a specific category on the Tableau Server version it will show the data.


      After I became aware of the issue I opened the reports from within Tableau Desktop, which actually shows all the data as i would expect to see it regardless of whether i have pre-set filters or not.


      The only things I've found online for this is the following, which i have so far tried:  


      • re-upload the dashboard
      • recreate the filters
      • re-create the sheet in a new dashboard/workbook
      • ensured automatic updates are all enabled


      None of the above has worked when I've uploaded to Tableau Server. Does anyone have any other suggestions based on the above?


      I would rather avoid uploading the reports as it contains confidential data.


      Kind Regards,