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    Check mark according to if else output


      Hi All,


      I have two calculated fields max(sales), median(sales) with numeric value in it. the fields has only one value. i.e. it does not have values according to any dimension like date or any other dimension. its purely used for single value calculation


      I am creating a new calculated field with if else statement as


      if Max(sales) > (median of sales * 0.8)

      and max(sales) < (median of sales * 1.2) then 'Green'


      max(sales) < (median of sales * 0.8)

      and max(sales) > (median of sales * 0.6)

      then 'Yellow'

      ELSE 'Red' END


      For this out put i get only one result as either Green, Yellow or Red. and i want to put this as color/shape in the sheet.

      So if its green today and i set the color green then it will show green.

      But tomorrow if that returns red then i cannot set it on everyday basis, it needs to be dynamic. i am not able to find a way to preset the color for the if else output.


      Any help to achieve this would be appreciated.